What's About
What's About TC Grabber for Director Assistant?
Know TC Grabber for Director Assistant, it's Free! RELEASE 1.41 TC Grabber for Director Assistant

TC Grabber for Director Assistant is a solution to capture the necessary time code and sequence of events, which can be used, in the context of TV Production, to improve the production workflow especially when activity involve in to Post Production processes too.
Integrated editor will help you get an excellent result with a well-written, tidy and professional document.
You will be able to forget about the pen, the notebook and the timecode reading action and you will take advantage about the function for exporting markers, which will be very useful for video editing.
New features have been added, such as support for different frame rates and re-synchronization to an NTP server.

Features of TC Grabber for Director Assistant...
  • Large display for reading Timecode
  • Twenty keys for pre-programmed Events.
  • F10 Key generator for any Event.
  • Editable workspace.
  • NTP Sync also.
  • Simple integrated editor to create the edition document.
  • Immediate export from workspace to the edition document.
  • Safety function to Recovery and resume workspace.
  • Compatible Markers export for video editing software.
  • Support for different Frame Rates.
and more... you can find out by consulting the support section and manual
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